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Build them my sister, we will eat the fruits of your labour- Lady says

A woman tweeted today:

"Me I love Bob the builders. Build my sister, we will eat the fruits of your labour".

Bob the builder is a reference to a British cartoon series where Bob and his friends dig, haul and build together.

What she is actually saying though is she has no interest in building from scratch with a man but is prepared to be there when he is successful.

Find out what people thought of this statement:

Zama accused Nolzwazi of being a cruel person.

Sihle says they will intervene when they are done and ready

KaMabanga lamented that Nolwazi and her ilk don't want to see them happy.

Felaurah says she is Bob

Nolwazi then replied that she loves that for her.

Phnx just laughed

Campus was speechless.

My opinion:

When feminism was first introduced its objective was to give women the same rights as men, the same freedoms the same opportunities. Sometimes even with freedom and opportunities some women still want to conform to patriarchal values where the man does all the work and provides and the woman is "taken care of" while contributing nothing. Feminism means nothing to some people and we see that here.

What do you guys think?

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