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OPINION| How Can One Person Kidnap 50 Ethiopians ?

A 49-year-old man has been arrested for kidnapping after 50 Ethiopian nationals were rescued from a house in Zacharia Park near Lenasia, south of Johannesburg ~ SABCNEWS

How do u kidnap 50 people from Ethiopia all the way to SA? 12 year old undocumented immigrant was supposed to be reunited with family? besides you can't apply for asylum on that basis this guy is a smuggler those illegal immigrants knew the price of being snuggled into SA, once they got here with relatives connections in police/home affairs they gave the smuggler a middle finger, he hold those people as collateral not kidnapping as per report, those immigrants should be send back to Ethiopia, the smuggler should be used to get to those corrupt in home affairsInfact the Malaitchas will transport you from wherever into SA and upon arrival they will demand your relatives to pay more than the initial agreed amount, failure to do so the guys will hold you hostage until the money is paid. In 2017 there was a case of a Zimbabwean man from Bulawayo who was given two life sentences for this same thing. The guy was worse because he would only give the relatives two weeks to look for the money, and if they fail he would kill the victimIm still shocked by those big guns I saw being carried by the Somalians in Port Elizabeth, these people are preparing for war and we didnt even know that was Bokoharam live in PE. They are treatining our goverment police and everyone who lives in that area, something fishy is going on there in port elizabeth we want all those terrorist who were criminals in that country to exit South Africa, we dont know what crime they did in their country that they must come to South afrAfrica ica, those guns says a big story we fear for our lives in our own country

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