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2 Female Security Officer at Enyobeni Mall Abducted and Raped inside Kagiso Cemetery by Foreigners.

For how long will we continue to hold the monsters being apportioned on inhabitants by terrible punks walking themselves all over the country. This rising issue of assault in women is a serious course for wariness and occupants are moving toward the public power to intercede before it is too far to consider turning back.

It is like bad behavior is a norm in our country and the crown everything, women and young children are the ones often found a good pace in this unlawful showing.

Lately, two young ladies who is wellbeing officials in the renowned Enyobeni retail plaza was captured by outside nationals and attacked inside the Kagiso graveyard.

The two setbacks were purportedly getting back resulting to closing from working for the day when they were pushed toward by the suspects numbering four along Zuma Vaal road and pulled into the vehicle just to see themselves right inside the Kagiso cemetery were the men substituted to have channel data on them.

The suspects left them deserted inside the graveyard directly following satisfying their longing and they have not been found since the event happened.

According to an affirmation conveyed by Mpumi Seroe on Twitter:

"Two female security authorities were seized and attacked at kagiso memorial park by outside nationals. We not Xenophobic, we love our family.

Enyobeni Mall of Africa Connie Ferguson Zuma Vaal".

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