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Police Man Was Caught Cheating By His Girlfriend and he Decided to Shoot her 6 Times for it

Date: 28/11/21



In South Africa we often hear that people have been killed for cheating all the time. Not so long ago people were shot dead in their car for cheating but for the first time ever, someone gets shot for catching someone who is cheating. This thing has now gone reverse and many cannot quite understand what exactly happened here. People are used to the opposite but this police officer did not like the fact that his girlfriend caught him cheating so he decided to end her life.


It is said that a policeman from the Eastern cape was found cheating by his girlfriend on Sunday morning. She walked in while they were busy and she was very furious at the whole thing but the Policeman then shot her 6 times. It is said that this whole story was told by the woman who was cheating with her boyfriend.

South Africans are very surprised at the story because it is said that the policeman used his work firearm to do this. It is said that the police officer had no history of domestic violence and this is the very first time that this happened. There is still a lot that needs to be figured out in this case as it is a very strange one.


It seems that this is one of the most confusing stories we've had in a while. The investigation needs to continue to try and figure out exactly what I would the person who is doing wrong cute and innocent women. Maybe the police officer wanted to kill his girlfriend for a long time and now he had found the reason to do this. But the fact that he shot her six times means he was very angry.

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