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CCTV Camera Caught A Man Robbing A Lady In Beverley, See How He Pretended To Be Jogging With Her

Nowadays, citizens of South Africans go out in fear of being robbed, raped or shot dead by criminals looming around the streets of SA. The rare at which people report bad news is becoming alarming. Most of our headlines are being occupied by bad news in the recent time and the security officers are not doing well in handling the situation.

Today, we received another bad news relating that a lady was robbed of her phone and cash while jogging to attain fitness level in Beverley, Fourways in Northern part of Johannesburg. It was indeed a sad morning for the lady who only hit the road to exercise but met heartless criminals on the way.

In the footage caught by CCTV camera, a man pretends to be jogging along with her while a white car was waiting ahead for him. He tried blocking her way but the lady was smart enough not to allow him. However, when they were close to the car, the man outran the lady and pretends to be tired. Little did she know that he is preparing to rob her as she gets close to where he was resting.

The robber dived her and snatched her phone after a minute of intense fight. He overpowered her, took the phone and money and ran into the white car waiting for him. The lady was weak after the fight and couldn't raise alarm. The public have been alerted to be careful when jogging in a lonely place.

Evil people are surrounding every corners of the country perpetrating evils. The CCTV done a good job by capturing them which will aid the Police in tracking the criminals. The government should provide more of it and mount in every street because of the increasing crime rate in the country.

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