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Despite Having No Arms And Hands, Check Out What This 23 Years Old Lady Does With Her Toes (Photos)

We all know that God created us in His own image, but not everyone can use the power He has given us. God created us in a very special way and gave us the strength to fight and persevere in difficult times. People with disabilities face many challenges, one of which is their inability to continue. We have seen examples of people who tried to commit suicide because of their disability, which is why we should still honor those who live happily even though they have been disabled.

 Kashmir Kulbertson, in particular, has long been an inspiration to many people with disabilities. A.D. 1998 She was born without arms on August 12, but because of her success, most people find it difficult to accept. A.D. She is a 23-year-old black American woman who was born on August 12, 1998.

 Kashmir has shown that she is unique and special, as most individuals, such as Kashmir, have given up on life. Kashmir has decided that she will work hard to achieve her goal.

 Kashmir was born without arms, but she never gave up on life; Instead, she began practicing how to use her fingers to perform important tasks, and today she is a professional who teaches her how to perform other important tasks with her fingers.

 She is very attractive and has a strong sense of self-worth, so it is not uncommon for her to have no hands. When she first started her YouTube channel, she focused on teaching people how to do important things with their toes, and her channel has become very popular ever since. With her toes, she is able to perform a variety of tasks — cooking, eating, driving, writing, and so on. Many people are proud of Kashmir's talent.

 Check out some photos of Kashmir doing a lot of cooking with your fingers and toes.

 Check out some photos of Kashmir now enjoying her life.

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Kashmir Kulbertson


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