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'On this day, my life changed completely.'

Hello .❤💡

My name is Malibongwe Betela. I'm 20 years old and I live in Port Elizabeth.

 My home is in Queenstown, Sada.

On the 6th of July 2020 my life changed😭😭 completely, that day I burned inside the house while I was asleep and I was shocked when I felt the heat in my body when I saw the whole house was burning.

My whole back was on fire and I couldn't see where the door was facing, I was in the dark and I was covered with smoke and I shouted at my neighbor crying and he couldn't hear me.

They thought I was not inside.

 I tried to search the side where the door was facing, I managed to reach and open it then went out.

 I was on fire and I fell down, they poured water on me.

I was taken to Motherwell health Center where doctors said I had a severe burn (3rd degree burns) and was transferred to Dora Nginza hospital. 

I was taken to the burns unit ICU where I stayed for 3 months.

I was crying all day and I was wondering why God chose me, it made me angry and I hated myself and I came back, but it wasn't easy when I came back.

I was surrounded by friends who I thought they loved me but they made fun of me.

I used to cover my face with a face mask with the fear of being laughed at. When I saw a crowd of people I used to turn around

I was inspired by another Burn Survivor of my age called Titus Gobodo and I learned from him that I should not be ashamed of my scars, I won't change and I will always be like this.

I started to accept myself and I loved myself. I told myself that I was beautiful and I love myself the way I am

I am a hero and strong.

Pls share this !!!!! +

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Malibongwe Betela Port Elizabeth Queenstown Sada


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