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If you received this message on your phone Today, Please Do not respond to it, see the reason why

For your own safety, do not open any attachments or react to the message displayed in this image. In order to acquire the nonexistent automobile they claim you've won, they'll start asking for a variety of things from you, including money. Messages like this one will be sent to you if you answer.

Today at roughly 15:17 pm I got a message from an unknown phone number that said that I had won a VW Polo automobile for free. My curiosity got the better of me, so I dialed the phone number they'd given me. On Monday, May 16th, 2022, at around 15:17 p.m., a number called and informed me that I had won a VW Polo.

That's what I told him when he answered the phone: "I just won a vehicle," and I gave him the reference. After that, he began requesting my social security number and financial account details over the phone. So I told him to let me hang up and look for my documents, and I'll call him back as soon as I find them. This made me very suspicious. I was talking on the phone when a man answered. Tell him I won the automobile and give him my reference number.

As soon as I understood that he was probably attempting to con me or steal from me by utilizing my bank account information, I hung up on him. You should never give out any personal information over the phone to someone you don't know, since criminals have become a lot more innovative in their techniques of victimizing individuals.

As a result of their use, criminals have taken advantage of many individuals. Fraudsters tell their victims that they have won a cellphone and two T-shirts, and then instruct them to send airtime to them in order to receive their prize. This is the most common form of online fraud."

If a firm is genuine, it would never utilize phone numbers like 079 or 082 to contact customers. It's best to remove the number from your contact list if you get an email or text message from one of these numbers claiming that you have won a competition.

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