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Theft robbery

Unlucky thief stuck in the railings for 2 hours

This is the second a presumed thief was spotted with his head stuck in railings, where he was caught for more than over two hours. 

The man was attempting to move through a metal mesh which shielded a property's open yard from break-ins in Morelia, Mexico

As per witnesses it required over two hours for the crisis administrations to show up at the scene. 

This is the second a speculated criminal got his head caught in metal railings in Morelia, Mexico on Monday evening 

The man was bound by his rescuers and prompted the edge of the rooftop where he was passed to another official on the ground 

Witnesses shot the man as he was brought down into the guardianship of a city cop 

Witnesses recorded the man with his head and one arm over the metal framework, the remainder of this body under. 

He was hunching at an off-kilter point with his feet on top of a solid divider. 

It isn't clear from the recording how he had stalled out on Monday evening. 

One observer said: 'He seems as though a rodent trapped in a rodent trap.' 

The suspect was in the long run liberated by three cops who utilized jolt cutters to cut through the iron bars. 

An official hauled the man onto the level top of the property he had intended to burgle and cuffed him. 

One of the officials was shaking an attack rifle. A second advanced down from the rooftop in an aerobatic design, playing out a somersault. 

The criminal was driven by the official to a crew vehicle for transport to the nearby police headquarters.

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