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“ I suspect it was "fake" alcohol”- Mzanzi Is Suspecting Foreigners For The Death Of Enyobeni 22 Kid

We still have a problem in South Africa with people who don't want to take responsibility for their actions when they make mistakes. They consistently point fingers at outsiders for everything that goes wrong in the country. People always point the finger at immigrants as the source of any and every criminal activity that takes place in our communities. There are many local residents who engage in criminal activity, and if confronted about it, they usually try to defend themselves by blaming it on outsiders. They even accuse them of things that they did not do, which gives the impression that the hostility toward internationals is getting worse with each passing day. 

On a recent Sunday morning, one of the neighborhood taverns was the location where the bodies of twenty-two young children were discovered. Although the official cause of death has not been determined, many people believe that it was caused by a lack of oxygen due to the fact that the tavern was too crowded. People have been looking for someone else to blame for their problems. Some people believe that the parents and their children are liable, while others believe that the establishment should be held accountable for what happened. Surprisingly, there are some South Africans who are placing the blame for the deaths of 22 children that occurred at the Enyobeni tavern on international visitors. They claim that individuals from other countries are selling counterfeit alcohol in the region; therefore, it is possible that this was the cause of death for those children. They have a hunch that the phony alcohol may have been what ultimately caused their deaths.

There are a lot of people who seem to be convinced that this might be true, despite the fact that the vast majority of people couldn't agree with this. They even went on to claim that certified alcohol is incapable of doing such things, which leads one to believe that they drank something other than alcohol that caused them to pass away. 

On this topic, people have a variety of opinions; for example, some people are arguing in favor of foreigners and claiming that South Africans are quick to blame foreigners for anything and everything, even when the situation does not include them. In my perspective, the children passed away as a result of having difficulty breathing, and the cause of their death had nothing to do with outsiders. What are your thoughts on this matter? Are you of the opinion that the deaths could have been caused by counterfeit booze manufactured by foreigners? Leave your thoughts here.

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