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A brother-in-law offered to wash her vehicle and to her surprise, it ended in tear

(Source: - @She1laSm1th)

It’s true when they say every day you learn something new, only if you’re willing to gather knowledge. Initially, we call all learn from our experiences but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye when it comes to other people’s trials and tribulations. As we can draw some lessons as well on their situations. This follows after a gorgeous woman shared a photo of her luxurious vehicle with a caption that has started a massive conversation on social media. As she stated that her brother-in-law asked to wash her stunning BMW, which she gladly agreed without any doubts. As she was excited that someone wanted to help out with her car.

However, little did she know that he will use a household cleaning detergent, which isn’t supposed to be associated with a car. This came as a shock to the lady, as she thought that her brother-in-law knew what products to use when washing a car. Within the photo, the gentleman is seen sitting down and cleaning the back wheel and there’s a Handy Andy next to him. “My brother-in-law offered to wash my car and he’s using Handy Andy guys,” said @She1laSm1th on her Twitter account accompanied by crying face emojis.

The post gained a lot of attraction on Twitter as it had over 520 comments, 210 retweets, and 3770 likes. What was eye-opening is that many people didn’t know the after-effects of utilizing cleaning detergents on a car. Even though numerous people use household cleaning detergents, such as Sunlight Liquid, Handy Andy, etc. As they feel they do the work effectively and it’s been used over the years. However, people should know that they’re not formulated for use on a car’s paint and may strip off the protective wax. Ideally, people should use the dedicated car-wash product to avoid any unnecessary issues with the paint.

@Shamalaiza1 said, “But you didn’t tell him not to use Handy Andy… You also didn’t give him car wash products that you used every time. I don’t blame him…”

@IAmRealNative said, “Poor guy really thought he's doing a good thing. Yet he's on Twitter by an ungrateful woman who agreed to let him wash the car. What a strange world we live in.”

@JasonKhumalo2 said, “Not good for your car and also washing in direct sunlight.”

@alex5455967 said, “That’s a problem… it will scratch the paint-check in the sun you will see tiny scratches.”

@mizzzidc said, “I didn’t know Handy Andy is frowned upon for washing cars.”

@DaFiso2 said, “In Joburg CBD they use Sunlight and Handy Andy… for as long as I have seen… Clearly ama levels but thanks for the info. Now we know… I’ll tell them.”

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Date: 15/09/2021

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