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Many were left Irritated by a family that tries to bribe a lady who got hit by their child.

Rich kids intend to misbehave or put themselves in trouble because they know they always get away with the money they have, their parents are only good at spoiling them and forget to teach them manners.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Kabelo takes it to his account sharing with his followers that last night a drunk rich kid from their Estate bumped into his wife car while their son was sitting at the back, now the parents of the rich kid are asking them not to report the matter to the police, they will fix the damages. 

The tweet was received well by his followers and they all rushed to the comment section and share their views. @jabubuthe86 was concerned " Do you trust that they cover the cost? People tend to be problematic after incidents without any legal documentation for example police accident report." He asked. another tweep jumped in and suggested "Report the accident to the police station, whether you report to the insurance it is a different story. He is still going to repeat the same thing. If they don't pay what proof do you have and how will you follow it up. She wrote.

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