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Last WhatsApp Message of Namhla Before She Was Shot 9 Times Reveals Numerous Secrets

Before she was shot nine times, Namhla sent a final WhatsApp message that reveals a wealth of information.

A series of WhatsApp messages from Namhla before she was allegedly shot 9 times for supposedly trying to leave an abusive situation asked for prayers. Following reports that she had sought to leave her claimed violent boyfriend, she was said to have been shot dead. She admitted to being abused in a Whatsapp message. "Why do males dislike us so much?" was the question posed by a female reader. In the end, didn't she deserve to be shot nine times because she wanted to break up with her boyfriend?

The worst part is that the police aren't doing anything about it." Women in South Africa are pleading for justice, saying they feel unsafe. Another woman wrote, "He alienated her from her family.""'

What's the use of having all this evidence if no arrests have been made in a mont

The scars on the young woman's body show a history of torture and violation. After enduring so much in that relationship, she was tragically killed by the person who shot her nine times in the chest. The terrible thing is that the case has been opened, and the investigating officer is St. Loqani, despite the scars on her body and the previous beatings she endured.

On April 22, 2022, the day after the incident occurred, the police arrived and took a statement. There have been no arrests and no one has been questioned, in reality. She was emotionally, psychologically, and physically abused by this man until the day she died. There is something about these exchanges that makes me want to squirm. Oh, my goodness! To ensure that she would not have a chance of surviving, it was thought that the man shot him so many times. Many women have taken to social media to demand justice for her, stating that the treatment of women in South Africa has gone too far.



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