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Man Who Raped Three Goat At Giyani Might Be Infected With These Deadly Infections

Any human being with mere thoughts of having intercourse with animals should be taken to a mental counsellor, so as to ascertain his or her motivation.

It's a shame what happened at Limpopo Giyan, la dzumeri. A man from the village of Mafata Kazumeri is said to have raped a goat right in near giyani. But then the goat died after traumatic experience. The perpetrator took the goat from the kraal and raped him to death. The perpetrator's footsteps were followed upon entering his house.

In Africa, intercourse with animals is considered a taboo and perpetrators are considered outcasts and evil. Here are some diseases human beings can contact by just mere contact with animal sexual organs;

People can become infected with brucellosis by drinking contaminated milk or through direct contact with infected animals. Another sexually transmitted disease humans can easily contact from animals is chlamydia, a bacterial infection found in many species, including many mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Source: backyardgoats

As the SPCA will be able to help clarify the case and ultimately test the animal against the culprit. The perpetrator had previously raped two goats in the same area and instead of reporting the case to the police, the old woman who owned the goat accepted a compensation of R1500 and it's body was given to him traditionally.

Meanwhile, this case of animal rape is definitely not the first. Over the years, three older men were namely Mark Measnikov, Matthew Brubaker and Terry Wallace, were charged at the time with 730 counts of sexual contact with animals, 730 counts of animal cruelty and corruption of minors, according to the report.

The three were arrested for the crime after a teenager they recruited to help them rape the animals alerted the police.

Source: Newsinfo

What are your thoughts concerning this shameful act? Do you think the man should be arrested and sentenced for his crime or is the compensation enough? Don't forget to like, share and also comment. Thanks.

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