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Sad news-Athol Williams fears to tell ZUMA's secret

Informant Athol Williams said on Sunday evening that he had been driven away from the country over apprehensions for his security after he called out organizations and people engaged with state catch. 



In an assertion, Williams said it was a passionate goodbye. 

"I embraced each individual from my close family, us all in tears, as I bid farewell to load onto a flight. I was not taking some time off or going on a business outing, I was leaving South Africa for my wellbeing." 

He said worry for his security had been developing since he called out organizations and people associated with state catch and affirmed before the Zondo Commission. 

"Maybe then decrease after I affirmed, these worries expanded while the possibility of arraignments developed. 


"After Babita Deokaran was killed, concerns spiked in light of the fact that it showed that specialists were deciding not to proactively secure informants. 

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"Realizing that my administration offers me no insurance after I've acted in the public interest is an upsetting reality. I ensnared 39 gatherings in my declaration so dangers could emerge out of many spots. Subsequent to getting alerts from confided in partners and a common society association about a planned exertion against me, I found a way the dismal way to venture out from home, again with practically no assistance," Williams said. 

Williams said despite the fact that he had made some noise consistently about treacheries in South Africa and had made a move where he could, he confronted distance and surrender. 

"Maybe then help me, I've confronted estrangement and surrender by corporate South Africa which I served for a long time, from the college where I showed morals, and from my administration; and I've been let somewhere around numerous companions. I've lost all kinds of revenue and needed to offer possessions to meet my commitments which incorporate financing social activities like Reading to Rising which works with 20,000 youngsters yearly. 

"I have experienced extreme harm to my wellbeing and my standing. Presently I have lost my house, being constrained out of the very country I acted to guard. I feel significant bitterness that leaves me in tears," Williams said. 


He besides said South African organizations and government at a nearby, commonplace, and public level have let down informants and witnesses. 

"They have let down every South African, inclining toward void proclamations and clichés over truthfulness and validness. We are losing our fight against debasement in light of the fact that our administration is permitting it, if not taking part in it. 

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We are losing our fight against corporate debasement on the grounds that corporate sheets and CEOs are permitting it, if not taking part in it. We are losing our fight against the ethical degeneration of our general public since South Africans are deciding to be quiet when we ought to be making some noise. I comprehend this quiet – we just need to take a gander at Babita Deokaran's destiny and to the overwhelming encounters of informants to comprehend the dread of making some noise. This is the reason we want residents with moral fortitude, the individuals who will make the best decision in any event, when they face risk." 


​Williams cautioned South Africa has an exceptionally hazardous circumstance where it acknowledges the story that a couple of rotten ones are engaged with state catch. 

"Actually there are numerous significant and powerful individuals who we worship in the public eye, who we offer honors to, who sit on sheets and panels and lead amazing drives and associations, who are indeed empowering this catch and profiting from it. The defiled web extends across our general public and requirements strong activity to get this out. It begins with every one of us. Challenge everyone around you to act with soul and with fortitude."

Whistleblower Athol Williams flees country fearing for his life (

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