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Rape Obscene

Check how this phone was snatched on his hand


Today we can only talk about the increase of crime in SA, which is very wrong,

SA criminals has normalised doing crime, which badly affect everyone who is currently living in our country if its not stealing is rape if it is not rape, it could be break in, Which will totally the affect the economy,

This happened today in Johannesburg when an Indian man was using a phone, and he was putting it on his ear, which shows that he was on call. A certain man went next to him and never talk to him, he pretended as if he is going to the shop and he never went as fa to check something or buy something.

He went outside where the man was using his phone and snatched it, he ran away immediately after snatching it on his hand, he went to a car which was running and that clearly mean that it was planned, the way it happened.

Many people are still shocked how it was snatched.

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