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Truth revealed about 40M story, it was made up

Recently there are news that are recently trending on social media of a young lady that the rumors has that she got awarded by the police officers for handing over a bag full of forty million Rands, after she picked it up on the street, also the reason behind it was that she didn't want money she only wanted to focus on her school work.

This got the whole country crazy even though they knew very well that the R40M won't fit in on bag and if it does, the young lady won't be able to carry the whole 400kg bag alone. But they still got mad at her, some got mad to a point were they started making threats or hating her, which is sad.

Today the police who was giving the kid an award revealed that there's no such thing the kid got the award like other four kids for passing their assignments well in grade eight it was nothing to do with money and all that story that was made, this cause a lot of stir from social media see pictures below :

As you can see from the above pictures there were other kids who got awards it proves that the story wasn't true indeed, what is now most painful is that the kid is now afraid to go to school because as it stands now, the young girl is traumatized by this whole situation that took place in a short period of time and fears for her life as she gets many threats from people on the social media.

See people's thoughts about this trend that took place yesterday :

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