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64 Year Old Man Kidnapped In Johannesburg (see this)

Looking at social media over the past 24 over or so pics of 4 brothers who have been kidnapped in Limpopo polokwane just when they were on their way to school has been making rounds and everyone has been asked to be on the lookout, have you seen that? Well it seems like they being kidnapped was not enough for another incident of kidnapping has been reported today, but before we can get to it, Let me give you a pic of the 4 brethren

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Well besides this one's being kidnapped, a Hussain Ahmed Essacks has been kidnapped as well. In the case of Hussain's kidnapping it is alleged that the people who took him were driving around with a red Toyota Corolla when they forcefully took him in Roma Street in Robertsham Johannesburg. Take a look at his pic and pics of where the incident took place.

If you by any chance happen to cross paths with him or with any of the 4 boys in the kids above please do see to it that you call your nearest police station, Do not try to approach the kidnappers on your own for that is very risky since nobody even knows why are they kidnapping people in the first place I mean look at it this way, If these kidnappers were looking for cash they could have just taken the cars since the kidnapping incidents happened when cars were in the scene.

Please do share the article with friends and family to spread the awareness and while you are on that, Please do also see to it that you warn your kids and relatives to stay away from taking lifts from strangers since nobody knows how bad this kidnappings syndicate is going to drag and don't want to be a victim at some point.

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