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"I began sleeping with animals after I slept with my Aunty" - Young man reveals on radio.

Ghana, a radio show broadcast on Kingdom Plus 101.1 FM, has grabbed the attention of a young guy. Beye Yie recounts his struggle with his aunty, which has completely demolished his life.

The young man stated that he would want not to be identified, but that he is a 31-year-old from the Volta region of Ghana. While he was in JHS, his aunty visited their hometown in Volta and informed them that she wanted to transport him to where she lived, a hamlet in the Central Region, so that he may complete his education there. He had reached the age of 15 at the time.

He said that his aunt worked as a farmer in this community. As a result, one day after school, they headed to the farm, but not before his auntie arrived home. The next day, he came across his aunty, who was lying down in the hallway with only her underwear on, but the center section of her underwear was torn, allowing him to see what she was doing. According to him, he was compelled to have sexual relations with his aunt by a higher power. Consequently, he takes his item and inserts it into her aunty's vagina while she is asleep, but the aunty awakens and asks, "What are you doing?"

Following this event, the aunty reported what he had done to one of their family members who lived in the same town, but they chose not to punish him. As a result, from that day forward, whenever he sees animals, something tells him that he should engage in sexual relations with them. As a result, he began sleeping with the sheep of other people. He was on his way to the farm one day when he came upon a sheep and chose to spend the night with it. In the course of doing so, a guy noticed him and began chasing him into the jungle, but was unable to apprehend him.

The guy subsequently went to the town to tell them that he had seen him sleeping with the sheep, and as a result, he chose not to return since he was worried that the people would do him some harm. He had fled this place and was now residing in Accra, Ghana. He had been sleeping with prostitutes in Madina while in Accra, and the prostitutes in Madina, according to him, are quite familiar with him.

You may also watch the entire interview by clicking on the following link:


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