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Clients flee after served: Ladies of the night complain about the abuse they suffer in the streets

The only thing that matters to them is that they provide food for their families. However, the magoshas (street lingo for ladies of the night) are sick and weary of their customers taking advantage of them. When asked for their money, some of their customers just go without paying, while others threaten to physically assault the proprietors in the event that they are confronted. "We do not know whether or not this situation with unemployment is harming our customers as well. One of the magoshas asked, "But why come to us if you don't have any money."Sex workers at Plastic View complain about men who run away with their money after rendering their services to them. Inset: A magosha with condoms she often carries.             Photos by Kgalalelo Tlhoaele

Now, some of the magoshas from Plastic View in Mamelodi, Tshwane, want to resign but they are unable to since they are responsible for providing for their families. The magoshas, who run their business out of a hut located within the squatter camp, said to the Daily Sun that difficulties led them to choose this line of employment. A lady who is 38 years old claimed to the People's Paper that she was forced to engage in sex work because of financial difficulties and the fact that she was let go from her job at a pub. She stated that she had her magosha initiation in the month of January. "This is not an improvement.

We would not be doing this task if we were employed elsewhere. "I just work one shift, yet that isn't nearly enough. "However, we are responsible for ensuring that our sisters have the opportunity to earn a life," she stated. The lady explained that some of their customers understood that they were putting in labour like this so that they could provide for their family, but that other customers considered them as worthless. This is a challenging work that frequently strips us of our dignity because the general public does not appreciate or respect us. Although some customers are satisfied with the services they receive and pay without any issues, others run away with our money.


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