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Homophobia is another pandemic -look at what SA men did to Leo.

Homophobia is another pandemic -look at what SA men did to Leo.

N:B - contains sensitive images.

For respect purposes, the assaulted will be addressed with "they" because the pronouns are unknown.

Leo Mdloyi is a South African who identifies themselve as a gay, therefore part of the LGBTQI+ community. Mdloyi was assaulted by homophobic individuals, particularly a group of men that beat (them) up until (their) face was unrecognizable. They (Leo) described how these men strangled and threw bricks at (them). Mdloyi also described how it will take some time before (their) face goes back to its original state, this explains the amount of damage these people did.

The unfair part about all of this is that justice or attention to these types of cases is not given. There is an imbalance in terms if how people in society approach societal problems, making some more important than the other.

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