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A student committed suicide after being bullied by other student about her spiritual calling

It is with sadness to announce that Lathitha a former grade 10 student from Bisho high, committed suicide after being bullied by her classmates and a teacher also, about her spiritual calling.

Good morning everyone.

Lathitha from Qonce in Eastern Cape have left a shocking and painful voice note telling people on how she was being treatned for her spiritual calling. Apparently the incindent happened for the longest time where the deceased was being accused of bewitching other students , teachers didn't take this matter serious . Lathitha has suffered emotionally but remained strong ,but this other time the teacher was teaching and the bullies started calling her a witch and saying they can't concentrate ,and the teacher took the side of the perpetrators , that's when Lathitha decided to finish her life because she was suffering. 

Students who supported Lathitha started publishing the matter on social media and trying to report the cause of her death, although they were treatned by the school for dropping the schools dignity. 

SABC news has visited the school , and other stakeholders of the Eastern Cape . Gogo Skhotheni a popular Sangoma also insisted on visiting the school and probably teach them that spiritual calling is a normal thing there is nothing wrong about it .


We as South Africans have lost the love of our culture's and beliefs , we no longer care about our African beliefs , instead we see Western beliefs as the real one , there is no union anymore. After the incindent of Lufuno I thought these kids will learn . Parents should teach their kids respect to other people's beliefs . This thing starts from parents , they are the ones who always have negative comments , about traditional healers.

As reader ,what is your opinion on this matter kindly leave your comment

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