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A girl was brutally killed by a class mate after threatening to do so in class group chat see below

Jealous people are capable of doing everything to thwart the accomplishments of others who have better self-control. Remember to pray for your children before they leave the house. If you've ever raised a child and then watched them leave for someone else because you were envious, you know how terrible it is.

Other kids are angry as word gets out that students are killing their classmates at school. It's important to pay attention when someone speaks to you since they make plans while you're distracted by them laughing. You may be tempted to take a death threat seriously if you know the person making it, but resist the urge. Because they're making you afraid, you'll convince yourself they won't do anything.

He stabbed to death Mbali Hlongwane, an EWC student from Erkhurleni Katlehong, yesterday. This gentleman supposedly became enraged and threatened to kill Mbali when she passed all of her school subjects, but they had no idea he truly meant it when he claimed he would do it. They approached Mbali as she walked out of the playground the next day, stabbed her, and left. Mbali lost her life when she was being transported to the hospital from the scene of the accident.

A student who had gathered evidence of the threat posted a screenshot of the threat where he threatened to kill Mbali. However, many people thought that he would actually do what he said he would do.

Students have started a #JusticeforMbali campaign after a jerk brutally murdered an innocent youngster out of envy.

I WISH YOU PEACE AND JUSTICE FOR YOUR SOUL. Mbali, who is thought to be abandoning her 4-year-old child, is said to be fleeing the country.


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