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Road Accident

Zimbos & Mzansi December Is Around The Corner, Be Careful Of This.

Almost every year in December people travel back to their hometowns to see their family members and relatives, so obviously the roads are always full and there’s so much traffic during that time. The worst part is that some of the cars will be speeding because they need to get to one place to another especially ones that take Zimbabweans to their country and come back to take others again. We also have problem with certain buses that are used by South African citizens when they are going to their provinces, there are some buses that are now considered very dangerous because they carry a lot of people at the same time they speed.

People have no choice than to use them because they are the cheapest mode of transport, the whole reason for this whole topic is the fact that people need to understand that accidents happen almost everyday and they are caused by certain factors which I’m going to mention below. To date four people lost their lives due to a fatal accident that happened on the N1 in Musina. The accident was confirmed by the department of transport and community safety, they have also appealed to motorists to make sure that they drive carefully with caution and make sure that they think of themselves and other road users.

Things that usually cause accidents is reckless driving and driving while drunk or tired, most drivers tend to do some of these an all of this usually lead to reckless driving because when you are drunk you drive recklessly and also when you tired you do the same. Drivers that work with long distance travellers are usually tired because of the distance that they have to go when they are transporting the people, the worst part is that some of them do not even rest when they reach their destination but do another trip.

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