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Man aged 32 found digging up a grave claiming his mother was buried alive


A lot of people who have lost their parents have not recovered from their loss to this date. A young man aged 32years was found digging up his mother's grave claiming that she was buried alive. Moses Gumbo explained that his mother also instructed him to exhume her from the grave.

Last week Friday he appeared in front of magistrate Court facing a charge of violating graves. The court instructed doctors to examine his mental health after suspecting that the suspect is mentally challenged. Villagers who saw him digging up the grave of his mother reported him to the police.

Fearing that he might be on to some drugs which might be causing him to go around digging up graves. It is alleged that he was found at about 1.4m almost nearer to the casket. Moses claim that his mother Miriam Magwegwe appeared in his dreams telling him that she was buried alive.

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