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Theft robbery

What is wrong with SA? Lasizwe left in tears and heartbroken after this happened (video attached)


What is happening to the country of South Africa? Click on the link below, which is a video of what is alleged to have happened to the shop belonging to Lasizwe's father.

The video above was shared by a social media influencer known to many as Lasizwe. It was showing a shop belonging to his father that allegedly got looted everything. It is unknown who did the looting but most of the goods were looted, leaving Lasizwe a heartbroken man.

Twitter users tried to console Lasizwe to make him feel better. It is disappointing that some community members could plan to commit such a crime. The last time the looting took place was a few months back in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal.Some of the shops are yet to recover from that inhuman experience. It is devastating that this time it hit Lasizwe. Even though the blame can be placed on the economic and social hardships in South Africa, it does not give people the right to break into other people's shops or establishments and steal.

People work hard and put effort to ensure that their businesses generate a certain amount of income. It becomes unfair for members of the community to sit down and only plan to steal.

It is devastating to note how South Africa has turned into a lawless state. Crimes are being committed but arrests are not being made. It will not be shocking to note that no arrests will be made of people who broke and looted in the shop belonging to Lasizwe's father.Law enforcement agencies need to do more to contain this level of lawlessness which has arisen to greater heights. Criminals no longer fear committing crimes because they know that nothing will happen to them. There is a long way to go in South Africa regarding curbing crimes. What can be done to end the lawlessness?

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