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A couple was arrested during the wedding for violating covid-19 regulations.

Wedding couple officer arrested for violating covid19 lockdown regulations.

The wedding was cut short after the couple was arrested for not following the rules and regulations that there were issued by Mr president. The violent the level 3 rules of national lockdown. Yes, we are free to get married but the minimum number of people still needs to be followed. Social distance is still needed. People need to wear their masks all the time.

This couple couldn't follow any rules. What made the matter worse is that the groom was a policeman. He was supposed to know that rules are rules and there are not meant to be broken. Along with the couple, additional seven people were arrested. This happens while pastor Brain Macala who is 31 years old was busy with marriage vows. Clark's Ngwenya who is 23 years old and Ownwrd Chamboka who is 42 were arrested at their wedding.

The couple was wrong but in the end, even innocent people ended up getting arrested. The Cameraman Blessing Chinhengo and many more ended up being arrested with the couple. Others run away and a lot of people were left because maybe there were forced but the couple will be punished.

The police said they received a tip from a family member that there is a wedding, which was happening and the whole community will be there. This showed the couple that not everyone was happy about their marriage. Some people will always be jealous. There were taken to Glen view police station where there were detained and later released. But old people will always believe that this was a bad sign for their wedding.

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Brain Macala Ngwenya


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