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A Lady Forgot Her Phone In A Taxi, See What the driver Did.

Watch what the driver did to assist a lady who has forgotten her phone in a taxi.

Those of us who have been left with the impression that with such high-level bad behavior, everyone is a cheat on a different level have been continuously misled. There are certain people who can't take it no matter what, especially when they aren't being monitored, and taxi drivers are one of them, as are taxi drivers all throughout the country.

Yesterday, a taxi driver by the name of Bokamoso shocked a significant number of people by posting a Facebook status about how one of his passengers forgot her cellphone in his vehicle. This is the most recent occurrence to occur in the Facebook city. Take a look at what he said on Facebook and let us know what you think.

I'm almost convinced that just by glancing at the model of this phone, you'll be able to determine that it's not your average phone. Even after recently selling it for some cash and assuring the owner that he hadn't seen it and that one of the voyagers had most likely taken it should she return seeking for it, he returned it. His acts prove indisputably that there are still decent and logical people in the world, and the most astonishing feature of the whole scenario is that something good has come out of it.

You can see what happened after he shared this phone by looking at the screen capture attached below.

It's difficult to believe, isn't it? Unquestionably, a sizable number of other people share your viewpoint. Take a look at what they had to say about the situation in their Facebook comments, which are included in the section below.

So, with all of that stated, and considering that cabbies are usually associated with bad things, but this one had the confidence to do something like this, what else could you possible need to say?

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