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People Reacts To a Video Of Thugs getting Some Beatings In Limpopo

Looking at social media over over past 24 hours or so pics of 4 guys who are accused to have been going around terrorizing the community of Tshiozwi in louis trichardt through muddging them,beating them and stealing from the were making rounds being accompanied by a short statement that the residents were doing so because they are fed up of crime and so forth

Well it seems like the latest that is now trending out of that situation is a video clip wereby the guys were caught of camera getting thier beatings and exposing how those who were weaping them were furious

See the video i am on about in this link, With all this being this way what is it that you have to say about this situation as an individual? I mean a lotbof Mzansi people has been out leaving mixed reactions on this situation already and below is what some people has been saying (read the screenshoots attached below)

So now with all this being said and things being the way what do you have to say regarding this situation? I mean do you blame this guys for doing what they did to this thugs on grounds that taking the law into thier own hands is illegal? If you see wrong in what they did what us it that you have to say when looking at this crime situation country from a view that the police and the law always seem to fail the victims?

Please do let us have your thoughts in this situation by you kindly writing us a comment in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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