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SkeemSaam: The Seakamela family is cursed, See how they will be facing another Scandal


It seems the troubles in the Seakamela house hold never comes to an end. Kwaito found out that Seakamela is not his father, he also got shot and had his 2 girlfriends fighting for him. On the other hand Pretty was dumped by Kat for cheating on him with Lehasa and she found out that she got pregnant from that relationship. Mantuli got shot by Meike for betraying her and sleeping with her husband now Clement Phaswane got involved with a married man and got embarrassed in Johannesburg leaving him heartbroken and with a bill to pay. Sfiso lost his job because of his he became more focused more on his family's issues than his job. This family need a bucket of anointing oil and Jesus to be invited, it looks like they will never find the happiness they have always looked for.

Mantuli generation is Cursed strong who ever bewitched the family is dead because if they were alive they would have mercy on them. When Is mantuli gonna find peace hle the poor woman has been through soo much she deserves some soft life with happiness and peace. That's what happens when you are the kind of person she is. When you go around looking down on people thinking you are better than everyone, when you even have the Audacity to sleep with your neighbors Husband. It serves her right. 

Clement servers him right because Kenny warned him and no man would leave his family to be with a student, never. Unless he's stupid i hope clement learned from all this stay away from married man. He must just stay single until he finds a right partner. The problems in Mantuli's house keeps on increasing and viewers don't think that it's because their family is cursed, but just pure stupidity at it's best. Cheating and not want to be ruled as a child it's not a curse their problem is pride. If only tgey could put their pride aside and never keep any secrets there would be peace in their household.

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Kwaito Seakamela


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