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'This Is What Was Spotted At A Graveyard


The video footage shows another incident where a truck that was delivering meat was being used to deliver dead bodies of people who allegedly suffered from covid-19 and had no family members to claim them, so these hospitals have managed to put out a tender that would be used by the company to dispose of these bodies in a proper manner.

This is the same method that they use but of course the government is not a company, they hire other companies to do the job however they end up hiring all these other companies which are a bit strange and some of them don’t even have the required experience or capacity for the work.

So it is very strange that these individuals are behaving this way they are disposing of so many bodies and it seems like they stuck all those bodies inside the food truck and then they went on to dispose of them, this is very strange because those individuals were not using the proper procedures.

Although, we have to admit that they were wearing their PPEs which is also seen as a way to protect themselves from contracting the virus and we can admit that they did the right thing.

However it seems like they just managed to get a few guys to go along with them so that they can go and bury the bod, it is unclear how much money they were getting at the moment but it is believed that the men who are doing this activity could be getting R500 per a day's work.

Many members of the public are always worried about such activities because this is as a result of the government intervention in these things, the government doesn't know how to interview properly.

Because it delegates those activities to companies which are specialising in practical matters, causing a lot of problems because such companies often default on the deals and no accountability is sought.

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