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Meikis Cleansing Will Keep Her Out Of Jail-Skeem Saam

Meikie needs purifying 


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page 

Meikie has been going through a difficult stretch in her life, she doesn't know up from down. Meikie has done a ton of things that got her to this purpose in making it difficult to live in harmony even inside her home. 

Mr Kgomo is after Meikie Maputla on the grounds that she killed a man who should spend time in jail in prison for killing her girl. Mr Kgomo is irate that Meikie consistently gets consistently with all that she does. Meikie may not understand yet who her genuine foe is. 

Mr Kgomo is utilizing Tumishang for Meikie to languish and pay over all that his child Leeto has done by including his family in Tumishang and Kele's case. Presently the watchers realize why Meikie's entryways are altogether shutting on her, she simply needs some purging and ty to remain positive or might be even apologize to the Kgomo family regarding what she has done. She can't pull off everything.

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Meikie Meikis Skeem Saam


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