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Uzalo : Nkunzi wants to finish about mageba click here

Mageba and his gang killed phelelani by mistake trying to shoot Nkunzi, people are angry with Nkunzi because they think he is the one who is responsible but they don't know he is also a victim, Nkunzi wants to kill mageba so kwamashu will be save again, Nkunzi will make plan how to go and kill mageba while he was sleeping since Sbu gave them idea but they refused to take it.

If they don't attack mageba they will never be free again and even Sbu and his wife, Sbu and his wife are not safe because firstly they managed to kidnap him, Sbu has to be too much careful and protect him and his girlfriend.

Nkunzi promised people that he will work hard to make sure that he finish mageba and his gang,to make sure everyone will walk free on the street, because if he does not finish him fast there will be lot of people loosing their lives.

Megaba will feel sorry because now he has no power since he lost one gang and sabhuza they might count him out because anything can happen about him, remember he is Nkunzi's friend ,and Nkunzi does not wants to kill him because he knows that he is different.

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