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Mohlakeng Residents Burnt A Shack Which Is Believed To Be Used By Zamazamas

South Africans are truly showing signs that they have had enough of having legal immigrants in the country doing as they please. They are involved in so many crimes in the country and every day, there is a report that foreign nationals have been arrested for doing heavy crimes in the country. But yet you still find those people who are saying that foreigners are our brothers and sisters. We have seen even Nigerians blocking De Villiers street in Johannesburg saying that they do not have time for negotiations, and they have to go out and protect what belongs to them. This happened as the metro police were trying to verify that indeed they have the right documents to be out in the city doing the kind of business they do.

Mohlakeng residents take the matter into their own hands.

We have also seen another community taking the matter into their hands and this is just a continuation of what happened at Kagiso with residents going on a manhunt for illegal miners, who have been terrorizing the community. It is believed that some of that Zama zamas ran to Mohlakeng and the community there is ensuring that they do not house those people at all.

The community members were going around to shacks that they believed were for these illegal Zama zamas and they were burning their belongings, and also they burnt a shack that is used to enter into the illegal mines. When looking at a shack from the outside, one would think that there is someone who lives there but only for the community to find a big hole inside it. The shack was used as a disguise and the community burnt it and closed that hole as well.

Will the army ever be deployed?

This is the right time for the army to be deployed to solve this issue of illegal mining and illegal immigrant as a whole. It isn't sustainable that communities will keep on doing this kind of thing just so that they can be safe. The president needs to do the right thing and deploy the army for a better South Africa.

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