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Imbewu: Nkululeko Should Be Careful Of Maharaj , He is Playing With Their Minds Waiting To Attack

Maharaj is a dangerous man. He came back pretending to be this man who has changed and who cannot remember anything that happened in the past. He pretend to be sick but others can see right through him. Shria told her mother that he did not change but love blinded her. Maharaj told Nirupa that he loves her and he wants to be with her. He is a manipulative person.

He has not changed not even once. He is back for revenge and she cannot see it. Shria does not trust him not even one bid. She even moved out of the house because her mother decided to marry him. Now he is torturing her. She is no longer safe because she knows what he is up to. She tried to warn her mother but she does not believe her.

Now Maharaj is turning the blame to Nkululeko, saying he is the one who wanted to kill Shria. Because they never loved each other. They are always fighting. He went to Nkululeko and threaten him to expose the truth about about the deal that he stole from Shongololo oils. He is so evil and no one can do anything to him.

Nkululeko asked Phunyuka for help. Phunyuka is a dangerous man. He cannot hesitate to kill him. Now he came up with a plan where it involves Shria. They need to beat him at his own game or else he will come back for them one by one. He is not afraid of anyone. Nirupa cannot see anything on him. She thinks that she loves her. She should wait until she get kidnapped. That is where she will wake up and see the real him.

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