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Living in SA under the government of ANC is expensive see what happens to this girl


Living in SA under the government of ANC is very difficult and expensive, Some people fails even to buy food how will they be able to buy such electricity, Even worse they now take those VAT whenever you make a purchase which is not fair, how can they take money from the poor whom they don’t even want to give them jobs, So that they can eat and have enough money and be able to pay for the tax or vat.

The problem again is the increase of the electricity which is that not everyone will manage to buy electricity soon because they didn’t or they couldn’t afford the electricity since it became expensive like this.

Soon people will be paying enough money to people who have their own money if they are able to pay for the VAT which we don’t know of, and almost everyone who is affected by the same issue do not know what will happen if they purchase many things.

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