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15 million for planting lawn and toilets. At some point it is no longer funny. People are tired.

Those who are familiar with George Orwell's book Animal Farm will truly understand the ruling party. In the book the animals held a meeting. All animals were in attendance to hear what Old Major the pig had to say.

Old Major told the animals that there must be an uprising with the aim of chasing the farmer out of the farm. Indeed the animals did as Old Major instructed and succeeded.

But after one dictator was removed, who took everything for himself and his family, a new one was installed. The pigs took over and now became the real kings.

The ruling party helped liberate this country and we are eternally grateful for that. We all know the ugly scenes of the Apartheid regime. Many leaders in the ANC sacrificed a lot for our freedom and their efforts did not go unnoticed.

The amount of looting and corruption in the ruling party has reached unacceptable proportions. People used to laugh them off but no one is finding them to be funny anymore.

A stadium has been unveiled with a 15 million price tag. One look at the so called state of the art stadium gives one shivers down the spine.

Taxpayer's money was used to build the so called stadium. Reasons were provided for the exorbitant amount but people have eyes and others know a lot about construction.

This is Nkandla all over again. Soon a commission of enquiry will be established to waste more money with a report that will achieve absolutely nothing.

The ruling party has been in power for too long and it may be time for the voters to try someone new. Power corrupt and too much power can be dangerous.

There is no need for a commission, the Hawks should just get involved and all cases referred to the NPA for prosecution.


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