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Meet Nelson Mandela's step child who lost her eye because of an abusive partner

Due of her ties to her family, Josina Machel would have appeared to have experienced some protection from abuse. However, she too was brutally attacked by her ex-lover and went blind in one eye as a result. This occurred in Mozambique, but given the pervasive and urgently need to be abolished violent macho culture, it could just as easily have occurred in South Africa.

Josina Z Machel is Nelson Mandela's stepdaughter and the child of Graça and Samora Machel. She comes from a family of activists and has made it her life's work to advance women's rights, especially in light of what happened to her.

After a night out in 2015 with Rofino Licuco, Jozina asked him to drop her off at her mother's house, which infuriated him because he assumed she was lying. Rofino Licuco became enraged by this and exercised his patriarchal "rights" by hitting her twice in the face with the body of his partner. She sustained injuries as a result.

Jozina appeared in court, but the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support her claim that Licuco had hurt her and suggested that, given her intoxication, it was more likely that she had hurt herself.

Even though it was clear that Licuco and Machel were the only two there at the time of the accident, the court rejected the prosecution's ophthalmologists' testimony because they were unable to demonstrate that Licuco's fist was to blame for her eyeball being ruptured.

As is common in South Africa, her case file with the police at one point vanished. She was given a significant damage award when she initially went to court, which was also never paid.

I consider this to be evidence that women are mistreated everywhere in the world. Abusers will continue to have greater power and won't stop because there is no justice.


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