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Theft robbery

A KZN learner at it on Thursday morning

A Grade 10 learner was at it yet again on Thursday morning when he reportedly got shot for stealing a cellphone from an unnamed scholar.

Men driving a white vehicle identified as a VW Polo are alleged to have fired multiple times at the Grade 10 learner who was running away. One of the bullets would cut the run short and the men took away the cell phone, leaving him on the ground.

Societies and schools have a huge responsibility of modifying children into responsible, respectful, honest, hardworking, and loving citizens. Children copy what they see happening in their societies. This sad incident is a sign that the child comes from a financially challenged society and family.

The society he comes from may be full of social problems such as stealing, poverty, and violence. This goes back to the lack of jobs and sources of income for the people. All that is being provided by the government are the R350 Unemployment Grants to the struggling residents. Is this enough? Is this enough to cover for the needs of the learner who stole the cell phone and other children? Would the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu be able to survive a day with the R350?

The answer to these questions is negative. The government is not doing enough for the people. It created dependability of the people towards it for social support to remain in power.

A hungry person will do anything to have food on the table. Instead of equipping the people with resources to self-sustain themselves, the government is issuing grants so that they remain in power. The government knows that people will always back them up during elections because of the dependency.

This dependency is leading to social problems such as poverty and crimes. Families are growing and the social support is insufficient, hence the indulgence in criminal activities by the future generation.

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