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Check Out A Nurse Becomes A Laughing Stock After Mzansi potted Tiny Things

Check Out A Nurse Becomes A Laughing Stock After Mzansi potted Tiny Things


There is a picture of a nurse that is currently making some rounds in social media. The woman is seen showing feets but mzansi is not happy about it. The woman's legs has become a laughing stock in social media after she was seen wearing very tiny shoes and she seems to be someone who is overweight. Mzansi has been asking and raising eyebrows about the occupation of this poorwoman.

It took me a couple of minutes to see that this woman does not have an amputated foot but just a swollen one. A woman suffering from some kind of disease while she is trying to make ends meet for her family. A hard working woman suffering from Lepodima. I wish good quality shoes could be part of the uniform for nurses.

These could he another effects of standing for long hours than she is suppose to. That is why as a nurse u should invest in comfortable, quality shoes! This is not funny, someone's mother, sister, aunt, an so on with legs problems. Working night shift 12hrs does do that to a person. Those who are also working shifts also knows the struggle.

A mother who is doing everything in her power to feed her family. But then 1 day God will humble u with beautiful generic illness then its u on the receiving side, yes I did laugh at the comments however those feet carry her everyday and the warm food is on the table at night, who knows her kids are best student in the class. As for abanye they have ama potirisi wamadoda abantu running for money on daily basis.

What do you think of this article? What kind I diseaseis this? Let's share views.

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