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More bad news for Sassa beneficiaries as the payments are delayed

The Justice and Constitutional Development Department has declared that child maintenance payments are postponed due to unavailability of departmental systems like MojaPay.

MojaPay is used by the Department to manage maintenance payments.

Paid delays are due to a ransomware assault, following a department reported last week its IT system was halted.

Speaking on Monday, Steve Mahlangu said that while the department was unable to identify when the systems were to be restored, it was going to, "... ensure that every child support money is kept secure until the systems return online for payment to the proper beneficiaries.

Current problems with the systems have no impact on the receipt of child support funds from the supporting parent or from employers who deduct them from the paying parent's salary.

"The monthly child support deductions are scheduled to be implemented. IT professionals in the Department, industry partners, and selected State institutions are working together to restore the ransomware attack systems, including MojaPay, as a matter of urgency.

"The MojaPay system will be given the highest attention in order to minimize any inconvenience for maintenance recipients. To date, IT professionals have managed to develop the Department's crisis response strategy by use of an alternative e-mail system."

Mahlangu said personnel were moved to the new email solution at different levels.


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