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"My father abuse me physically and emotionally please help", a lady cries on Facebook read her story

A lady wrote her emotional story on Facebook asking for help because she has been through a lot ever since she was born. Her story goes like this:

Please Anti keep me Anonymous for my safety in the community. My father started abusing me when I was 16 years old. That was during my adolescent stage even now I still remember all the pains. He was emotionally and physically towards me and my mother. Sadly my mom passed away in 2019, he used to abuse me physically in front of my mother. He didn't care that I was young at that time. I used to remain strong so that my mother won't feel so much pain.

So it's happened that the other day my dad was kicking me and my mother up and I ended up telling him that he got a small thing. He got so angry and kicked me out of the house, after that my mother passed away and he didn't allow me to attend her funeral. I was hurt because she was my mother but my father didn't want me near his house. They buried my mother without me but God didn't leave me. Now I'm 23 years old and I got a loving man who wants a lobola for me.

Traditional Lobola needs to go to my father but he hates me. I tried asking for forgiveness so that we will all move on but no he doesn't want to. Everyone I send to him chase them away. Please advise me what am I supposed to do. Because I need his blessing as my father so that I can leave with my boyfriend in peace. People, please comment below on what you think I must do.

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