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See How SA Citizens Respond To The Arrest Of This Woman By The Hawks At SASSA Tzaneen

Corruption is the order of the day, especially among the black race. We are really messing up our own resources and giving validation to the white man's opinion about a black man.

We cried to get back our land, even today we are still crying to get the remaining piece, but for what? A black man is only good as a labourer not as an owner or overseer.

You give a black man a position of honor, he uses it to steal or abuse his/her fellow blacks. You give him a company, he will spend the capital on woman, cars, designer's clothes and alcohol, what's wrong with being black?

They say, "a fish rotes from the head! What we see is the indication or the reflection of the heads. Please note, I didn't mention names but the heads corrupted the system to be what it is today, now everyone is conforming to the system they have corrupted. See the report below:

12 of these oldies from Nkowankowa in Tzaneen, Limpopo has been defrauding SASSA between 2018-2019 and were arrested by Hawks yesterday. It includes 3 SASSA employees from Nkowankowa. They were recruiting about 21 people to come register for Disability grants and later ate the money. They would give you R3,500 as service fee. My other source tells me they were even using that money to borrow other people as loan sharks. Imagine🙊🙊

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