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Into the R350 relief grant dust in South Africa

It has been two years now since the Republic of South Africa found itself dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and as expected it has given us highs and lows at very inconvenient times. The second year now and going into 2022 soon, the country may unfortunately still find this pandemic hanging over its head. It was without hesitation that the government decided to step up and help its people with all that they could to ensure that it eases the strains on their shoulders. 

As the effects of the pandemic kept going on trends and no one knew when it will be over, we saw the economy suffer in the hands of lockdowns; business trading hours were shortened and therefore many lost jobs due to the low profits that companies now generated. Because of this, the issue of unemployment rose to its highest peak in the country as getting employed while others lost their jobs became a dream too good to can come true. 

Now, the leadership and others under the authority departments sat down and came up with a plan to assist, however, we question that today. It was all fun and jokes when President Cyril Ramaphosa came forward and submitted to the people that there will be a R350 relief grant for the qualifying unemployed candidates; it was celebrated and warmly acclaimed. 

Though this be a somewhat good deed from him, how long it will go on remains a question very important. How does one live a whole month on R350 when a minimum wage earner barely makes it through the month with what they get? Chances are the R350 relief grant initiative is now being used to shut many mouths up; forget not that there was a time this initiative was ruled out. 

What happens the next time the relief grant is cut? All the candidates who try by all means to make life out of it will now be back to square one. Of course, change doesn’t happen overnight, but no amount of money, given on a monthly or weekly basis will ever curb the gap of unemployment. There you have it, the government is shielding itself from a lot of flaws through initiatives that they themselves know wouldn’t keep them going for a day. 

Honestly, a coping mechanism has been turned into a ‘solution’ and put so well out there with words and a bit of action to back it up, leading many into believing that we’re getting somewhere. However, that will not end the troubles the country faces; in fact, it will only escalate them to a point where they become too difficult to deal with. In this period of two (2) years, we’ve seen the country go deeper into turmoil than it had ever gone. 

Some come up and say that it is the leadership, while some believe that it’s actually the book of law at play, but at the end of the day, we have problems and they aren’t being dealt with. Instead, all is swept under the carpet and people are forced to look the other way. The giving away of money, R350 relief grant, is not a solution to the pandemic or the economy’s crisis. Rather it is a coping mechanism and sadly, it is one that will fail the country. The government saw that its people can be bought, and bought in the lowest of prices. Behind the R350 ‘strategy’, none is being done and this is doom. We do not suggest that we cancel the relief grant, however, we ask for more to be put into the unemployment issue.    

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