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Metro Police check Vin number of Toyota Avanza see what he discovered

A Toyota Avanza wite in color was pulled over by police in Manenburg, who learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen in May of last year when they checked the vehicle's vin number and scanned it (2021).

The male suspect in control of the car that had been hijacked was immediately apprehended by officers from the metropolis's police department. With a license plate, how do you get around? The male suspects were tracked down by Metro police, who believe he is innocent and was only employed to transport children in the vehicle.

Because the man claims he was merely doing his job and follows instructions, it is presumed that the suspect is the one who gave the orders.

The Metro police recovered the stolen Toyota Avanza this evening with excellent skill.

In order for the stolen vehicle to be recovered, an official had to wait a year for the suspect to remove the Vin number from the vehicle.

A year ago, when the vehicle was hijacked, the victim was kidnapped by the suspect who stole it under threat of violence, and the SAPS is now looking into the claims of the individual claiming ownership. A year ago, he may have stolen the car.

Keep up the fantastic effort, law enforcement, and stay tuned to our page for more information as the hunt continues.

The male suspects in the theft of a vehicle in May of last year had been apprehended.

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