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Road Accident

A Shocker|| Watch the Horrific Taxi accident that happened yesterday night in Jozi.


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Taxis have taken the trophy when it comes to accidents. Last night two taxis collided into each other and slammed into some shops at Mooi Market. The above is beyond serious as it shows that taxi drivers do not care about their passengers. There also high chances that there could have been passengers in these taxis because the incident happened before 8pm. There was a pedestrian who almost got hit by the cars as they swerved into the pavement.

Taxi drivers are always in an "unnecessary rush". We see this on a daily basis by the way they drive. They sometimes do not stop at robots or stop signs and they drive in lanes that they are not supposed to be driving in(Rea Vaya Bus lane).

Let us not forget that some of these drivers are either drunk or high during their shifts.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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