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Please Stop Sleeping With Old Man. A Man Caught With A Young Girl.

From: Twitter


We are really tired of how many young girls handle themselves these days. They go sleeping with old men because of money like really is it worth it for your body.

Maybe it is worth it like we different people are living in our own World. We cannot really understand someone's operations or strictly their lifestyle. Some people live in a world where money doesn't exist, by this I mean even if they try to live a straight hardworking motivating life but their hardwork is washed away. So we can not blame someone for selling their body because we don't understand their life.

But we can blame someone for sleeping with old man for money because of their title to be a slay queen and be better than their peers. Why do u young girls go for big bellies because of 💰.

Like there are a lot of opportunities if u want to leave your normal life.

See this simple example of me, am currently writing the article you are reading because I want money. Opera news and other opera news writers can witness my statement that you don't need money to join the site but dedication, know your story and be a commited writer. Then you will make money like one of us.

See a lady with a man in a picture which was posted on Twitter. They were having it and after took pictures like they were when they were born.

No one will agree to that unless they go for Money. Money is everything to them meaning they will do anything to have it.

Is it worth it?

Stop sleeping with old men for money please just Stop it We don't appreciate It.

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