“You Need A Woman In Your Life” Man Advices Tito Mboweni After He Said This.

Tito Mboweni said that he was in the hospital and as soon as he exited, no one was there to support him. He added "I made a horrible figure,walking out of the medical ward,carrying my few items with me, straining to walk to my car,no good Samaritans there, I thought to myself:a few months earlier, security would have been all over, carrying my bags, bringing me home. Now on your own mate" Tito Mboweni was plainly touched that there was no one to support him and the privileges of being a minister were not there anymore. It was certainly wonderful having security gaurds perform things for him until he resigned. 

People replied and some did not feel sorry for him as they remarked that now he knows what ordinary South Africans have to go through. However, one has to ask why there wasn't any of his family members to help him. One person said to him that he needs a lady in his life. Indeed the fact that he says he was alone is troublesome because why was he alone when his family members could be present. 

According to other accounts howeber, the reason there was no woman there with him is because Mboweni does not have a wife but only has three kids. One still has to wonder where they were. 

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/tito_mboweni/status/1542914994852995072


Tito Tito Mboweni


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