Family Members Die While Eating Dinner.

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COLD HAND OF DEATH!! Secret As 7 Family Members Die While Eating Dinner.

The delight of a family has been stopped after 7 of its individuals passed on bafflingly in Danbaza town, Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

On Tuesday, August 16, in the wake of eating a dish of blended vegetables and corn commonly known as "Dambu," which was filled in as their supper, the casualties who were supposedly two spouses and five juvenile little girls of one Alhaji Haruna kicked the bucket.

As per a source near the family, Muhammad Kabir, four of the departed died immediately in the wake of having supper, while three others passed on subsequent to being taken to the medical clinic.

He asserted that the supper had been arranged by the casualties utilizing "noxious fixings."

The casualties were subsequently let go on Tuesday in their old neighbourhood of Danbaza.

As indicated by, the main head of the neighbourhood government, who checked the event on Wednesday, nearby government delegates were despatched to give sympathies to the casualties' families.

Muhammad Kabir Zamfara State


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