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Protea Glen mob killed a gang leader called Batista and put 3 of his gang members in hospital

On Wednesday; 17 August 2022; residents of Protea Glen; extension 3; Soweto; Johannesburg in Gauteng; were marching in the streets; but they were not protesting instead they were celebrating.

The mob was in jubilation after an alleged gang leader; named Batista; was killed; following him being handed mob justice by community members.

Batista and his gang members had been terrorising the community of Protea Glen. They were infamous for rape; house breaking; robberries and drug dealing.

According to a source who spoke to a local newspaper; on this particular day; patrollers noticed Batista's gang members attempting to rob a resident.

When they approached the scene of the incident; the patrollers were threatened with a firearm by the thugs; so they fled the scene.

But the patrollers were relentless; they called the police a number times; without getting any response. This is when they decided to mobilise other community members.

The community members came out in numbers and chased down the gangsters. They caught the troublesome thugs and gave them a beating.

In this township; Batista was popularly known as the leader of the gang; that was giving residents a headache. So the mob beat him to death.

While three of the gang members landed in hospital after getting mob justice. However; the mob was not done with the 4 thugs; they decided to hunt down the remainder of the gang members.

They found them and beat them up; then handed them over to the police. All in all; a total of seven tsotsis were caught and beaten by the community.

The spokesperson for the SAPS in Gauteng; Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo revealed to a local newspaper that; they have opened an inquest docket regarding the murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Mavela said; the police are investigating allegations that the police responded late. The residents of the republic; have lost faith in the police and the justice system.

They are now resorting to vigilantism; which is forever discouraged by the police because it is against the law.

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